Buck Prepares the Land for Electricity to be Ran to Property


Ready to dig our electrical line trenches.


Buck started digging trenches from the easement, close to where our entrance will be, to our upper ridge road.




Laying out the pipe for electrical.


Buck is in the trenches laying pipe. Blake is meeting with well company.
This is where the electrical company will put our junction box.This is where the electrical company will put our junction box.
We ran 1000 feet of pipe from the easement down to the location of our 2nd build site.  Buck ran rope in the pipes so the electric company could use it to pull their electric lines through the pipes. We sure are glad Buck is working with us, he really knows the best ways to do things.Now we have to get our water trench dug.  Too bad we couldn’t do it all in one trench!  We are thinking about doing 3′ wide trenches for the water lines from the well to our cabins.  Then we would have the option of going with geothermal for climate control in the cabins.We are trying to get things done every month to prepare for our cabin construction.  The kit is being delivered the first part of October and time is flying!

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