Testing Compressed Earth Block (CEB) Production

We have started testing block production using the Hydraform M7 Compressed Earth Block Machine.  Since we don’t really have “dirt” here, (only dirty rocks), we have decided to follow the lead of my friend Brandon Gore. He used crushed limestone fines as a substitue for dirt.  So we have settled on a mix of limestone fines, white portland cement, hydrated lime, and water as the components of the block material.  After some experimentation with the ratios, we have a formula to move forward.  Here is a picture of the finished test blocks.

The recommended construction method suggests to securely mortar the first course of bricks to the foundation, and dry stack the remaining courses.

Compressed Earth Block Cabin Foundation is Complete

We have been working hard on the foundation prep and pour for our new Compressed Earth Block (CEB) cabin. The plumbing stub out had to be completed prior to the final slab pour. Hopefully, this will be the worst task during the CEB cabin build. While my good friend Vince Barnes was visiting #EurekaYurts, I told him I had to dig a 30 foot trench for the plumbing stub out. He asked if he could help. I said sure, but, it is going to be very hard work! He replied “Nah, it won’t be that bad”! Eight hours and two days later, with 3 guys and a hammer chisel, the task was done. At which time Vince said “Please don’t have me help you dig in Arkansas again!”. Thank you Vince for helping! 

So after the digging and stub out was complete, this is a picture of the footings, stem walls, and foundation for the compressed earth block cabin.

Eureka Yurts and Cabins