Infrastructure Done

The dirt work is completely done.  All utilities have been run to the Stabilized Compressed Earth Block (CEB) cabin.  This includes water, electrical and internet.  We are now in full production of the blocks.

Wall Section
Wall Section

This is a sample of the proposed wall section.  There will be an outside course of CEB Blocks, an insulation break of polystyrene and another course of CEB Blocks on the interior wall.  The wall will be approximately 16 inches thick with a R-Value of about 24.

Similar Style for the Stabilized Compressed Earth Block cabin

This is an existing CEB structure in California.  This is very similar to our design.  The entire south facing side is going to be almost entirely windows.

Similar Kitchen concept for CEB Cabin

This is a similar layout to our design.  There will be a wood slab bar on the bridging to an island.  The island will be capped with locally sourced 2 inch Black Walnut live edge slabs.

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