Memorial Weekend in Eureka Springs – beautiful views, fishing, swiming, lions, tigers and bears Oh My!

Eureka Springs offers so many things to do and see for the 700,000 people that visit the area each year. Blake and I have been many times since discovering the area, but we still have a lot more to see and do. Below are pictures from downtown Eureka Springs, our fishing trip on the White River, hanging out on a dock on Beaver Lake and visiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Downtown Eureka Springs

Hanging out on a dock on Beaver Lake
Our friend JB, Blake and I woke up early to go rainbow trout fishing on the White River with Captain Dave as our guide. The early morning fog made for some great photos.

We also visited Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge which was worth the visit.

Come check out Eureka Springs for yourself. We are sure you will fall in love too!

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