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Visit, Learn, and Get Involved

December 25, 2015 Blog  No comments

I am very excited to announce our first building workshop.  We are preparing 3 new building sites for construction.  In order to make it more economical, we are in the process of saving for 2 or more 25′ yurts.  We have to buy in bulk to get the green roof and to cut down on the astronomical shipping cost.

So, in the meantime, we have reached an agreement with one of the worlds leading authority on Cord Wood construction to host a hands on workshop here at Eureka Yurts in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  Richard Flatau will be hosting the workshop.  Space is limited and these usually fill very quickly.

Here is the Workshop schedule from Richard’s web site

If your not familiar with Cordwood construction, check this out!

If your not...

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Play ON!

December 19, 2015 Blog  One comment

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It has been quite an adjustment moving from a 2900 sq foot suburban home with 2.5 car garage, fenced backyard with a dog run, outdoor kitchen and sports court to 930 sq ft self built cabin.  The things I miss?  GARAGE! Holy Moly, I have forgotten how much nice it was to have a simple garage.  Also, miss a guest bedroom, fenced yard, and my favorite Chinese take out.

Well, one problem solved!

Having 3 Great Pyrenees, it is quite a chore to walk them 4 times a day.  Rain, sleet, or snow, they need to exercise and do their business.   And their ‘business’ can really pile up!

So the requirements:

Goal 1: Safe and Secure, Always, Always.

Goal 2: Low/No maintenance...

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