Thank You!

We are so thankful for a successful first year at Eureka Yurts and Cabins. We started 2019 just renting to our friends and family then in March we had our first guests book on our website and stay in Pine View Yurt. We finished White Oak Yurt and started renting it towards the end of August. We’ve had one engagement that we know of, a few honeymoon stays, and lots of guests celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries. ❤

We appreciate all the nice comments left in our guest books and all the recommendations, 5 star and 10 out of 10 ratings left online. Guests have referred other people to earn credit towards a future stay and you can too! Just tell others to go to our website to book their stay and make sure they tell us that you referred them. Once they’ve checked in we apply a credit to your account worth 10% of their nightly rate. (Credits are valid for stays at Eureka Yurts only, no cash value.) You can also split the referral discount by offering a coupon code so the guest you refer gets 5% off their stay. If you don’t have an account or you would like a coupon code, email your request to [email protected] and we’ll send you more information.

We’ve enjoyed sharing our yurt build experience with so many wonderful people and look forward to meeting you in 2020!

Blake & Melissa

Springtime at Eureka Yurts

Loving the springtime changes and new bird arrivals at Eureka Yurts & Cabins. We have had some really pretty sunsets lately. Normally I only see the really bright colors in the morning.  We have lots of dogwoods all around the property that are blooming and the trees are greening up quickly. It’s almost as if you can watch the changes happening.

On the wildlife front, the coyotes have been yipping and the Barred Owls and Whip-Poor-Wills have started calling at night. The Eastern Bluebirds are preparing the nest box and the male is fetching dinner! We had a first of the season Ruby-throated Hummingbird arrive yesterday and also a bright blue male Indigo Bunting. The Red-headed Woodpeckers also came back to our property this week. 

We already have a lot of bookings for the rest of April, but there might still be open dates for you during the weekdays. May is also a great time to visit Eureka Springs. We’ll have some jelly for you so hopefully the Baltimore and Orchard Orioles will visit your yurt while you are here! We look forward to sharing our little piece of heaven with you.

Eureka Yurts and Cabins