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More Finish Out, How Did We Get All This Stuff ???

April 7, 2015 Blog  2 comments

Ok, the plan was to quickly weed out the Junk, separate the stuff that we want to leave behind that we think we may need in the future for the next cabins. (Move Out)  Pack and move the rest to the cabin. (Move In)  Keep the stuff in the cabins we will use and store the rest in temporary storage until needed. (Move Out).  Luckily, I have a brilliant woodworker and builder, and now treasured friend in Bob Willmeth.  He has blessed me with very kind offer let me store some of my stuff temporarily at his wood working shop on Holiday Island.

When giving my 45 day notice, it serendipitously landed on March 13th.  Well, that means our official first day of official permanent residency in Arkansas is March 14, (PI day), which is also my birthday…. How cool is that birthday present???

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