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Roof Insulation – Open Cell Spray Foam

November 19, 2014 Blog  No comments

The day has come.  After acquiring bids, meeting with salesmen, comparing schedules, waiting on the arctic cold front to back off.  The Insulator is coming.  We have decided to do the insulation in 2 phases.  First, we will spray the insulation directly on the outside of the ceiling.  This required caulking all the edge joints in each piece of tongue and groove and putting metal air conditioning tape over the knots to prevent bleeding of the insulation through the ceiling.  We went over the ceiling twice to try to make sure there were no leaks.  But, In the end the foam show us where we missed…   We had about 6 or 7 bleeds.  But overall, the guy doing the spraying said it was remarkably prep-ed.

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