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House for Sale???

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It’s getting real now!!

We met with a realtor in Dallas to discuss what the process would be to put our house on the market.  She walked the house and pointed out some things that we needed to paint, replace, fix or clean. We mostly need to clear out cabinets, closets and counters… expecially since we are going from a 2,800 sqft house to just under 1,000 sqft!  When going over the comps for our neighborhood, she said that the longest that a house was on the market was 9 days and that most were selling in 1 to 4 days.  Let’s see, our yurt build materials dont arrive until October, so where are we going to live if our house sells in July?  We have prayed that God would open the doors he wants us to walk through and shut the doors that are not on the right path...

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