Long view of the forest

2 thoughts on “Pine Tree View

  1. If plans call for staying inside….

    On Father’s Day, the first thing we did was read your thoughtful email, and then decided to take a stroll through a dream of nature, that reflects the two of you and your family, so much so, that our hearts expand beyond the Cosmos.

    Not only is the photography world class, and so inviting for all seasons, the verbiage is classic, with our favorite line above….. such define taste have you.

    You have taken functional aspects of living molding them into the greatest form of elegant art and nature…..the bullnose of the black walnut being one of our favorites, having no idea how you did this. 🤩….

    Your father says you two are even more amazing than amazing 😍…. Or should we say five….

    Love you all lots …💕so proud 🦚 of you and your Creation, expanding the Cosmos.

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