Finish out update

October 28, 2018 Blog  5 comments

Front Door

Petrified Wood Sink


Raw Black Walnut for the counter tops  

5 comments to Finish out update

  • Kathy Kelly  says:

    Beautiful…. We can’t wait to be recharged in the beauty of nature and tranquility. Hope to see you soon.

  • Mindy Baird  says:

    When will you be able to rent these?

    •  says:

      At least one will be ready by the first of the year. Let me know if you have any dates your interested in reserving.

      • Mindy Baird  says:

        March 15-17 what are your rates and any fees that apply?

  •  says:

    Our target right now is $170 – $150 / night + 9% state tax (you save the Eureka Springs city tax). with a 2 night minimum. Winter weedays will be cheaper.

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