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Yurt Delivery

October 31, 2014 Blog  One comment

Finally, the yurt was delivered. Yay!  The unloading was a nightmare! grrr.  The problem started when the shipping company put the second customers roof on our crates.  To make matters worse, the others customers roof had some light damage.  After an hour of deliberation, I decided not to move the roof and have the second customer remove their own roof.  The delivery truck would have to return for us to get the crates off once the roof was off-loaded.  Two and a half hours later the delivery truck returned.  After a little under 2 hours the yurt contents was on the ground.  Smiling Woods Yurts had told us when the yurt was shipped there was a problem with the skylight and it would arrive in about a week.


Delivery Truck Pulling On Site


Yurt Uncovered

Delivery Truck Pulling On Site

Hand Unloading the Roof Pan...

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