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Research, Recommendations Needed

November 25, 2014 Technical Decisions and Plans  No comments

We are currently researching and need to buy the following.  If anyone has any input or recommendations please respond to this post.

Mini Split Ductless AC / Heater / Heat Pump (Yurt is approx. 930 sq ft with 17 ft ceiling)

36000 btu 18.5 SEER  12k 12k 12k
2542.45 free shipping
Stack-able Washer and Dryer
Induction Cooktop
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Footings Prepared, Yurt Delivery Scheduled

October 19, 2014 BlogTechnical Decisions and Plans  No comments

We have been working hard to get the footings in place and ready for the delivery from the cement company.  We are anticipating pouring the footings Wednesday the 22nd of October.  Bob, our general contractor, has done an excellent job of making progress with out water and electricity.  Both of which are our top priority.


Meter Base

We have been blessed again with news from our Yurt builder ( not to be confused with my good friend Frank Smiley).  It turns out that another customer, who lives in our area is scheduled for delivery at the same time.  Thereby, saving us roughly half of the delivery cost of about $4000...

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Working to get the construction order approved

September 30, 2014 Technical Decisions and Plans  No comments

We have been working toward getting site approval for the local electric company to initiate a construction order for the power lines.  The meter base has been purchased and we have the dimensional plans for the well house and the yurt base.  We are planning to build the well house using Cord Wood construction.  Here are some samples of some of the construction.

Many of these pictures are credited to Richard Flatau and can be seen at his awesome blog and Cordwood Construction Best Practices


This is a picture of the timber frame with about 4 inches of a mortar mixture on the exterior and interior walls with the center being a insect resistant insulating material.





paul-harney-cordwood-wall-5 luke-and-amy-metzger-spartanburg-sc-a-2012 Cordwood Education Center interior Richard Flatau blog

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Moving Along With Water and Electrical Infrastructure

July 1, 2014 Technical Decisions and Plans  No comments

So as it stands we have the roads roughed in, 5 sites opened up for a view, Well drilled and state approved.  We have 2 building sites perked and approved by the state.

And on this trip we have gotten approval for the easement for the underground electrical installation, the trenches were dug half the length of the top ridge (1000 ft), junctions put in for potential expansion to the bottom area and the rest of the top ridge, pads built for the transformers for the well house, the first and second cabin.  We also installed all the conduit for the primary run of the electrical and buried it with a 1/4″ rope for use by the electric company to actually pull the electrical wire.

To Do:

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Buck Prepares the Land for Electricity to be Ran to Property

June 27, 2014 BlogTechnical Decisions and Plans  No comments

Ready to dig our electrical line trenches.


Buck started digging trenches from the easement, close to where our entrance will be, to our upper ridge road.


Laying out the pipe for electrical.


Buck is in the trenches laying pipe. Blake is meeting with well company.

This is where the electrical company will put our junction box.This is where the electrical company will put our junction box.
We ran 1000 feet of pipe from the easement down to the location of our 2nd build site.  Buck ran rope in the pipes so the electric company could use it to pull their electric lines through the pipes. We sure are glad Buck is working with us, he really knows the best ways to do things.Now we have to get our water trench dug...
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Excavation Plans and Build Sites Selected for Yurt and 1st Rental Cabin

May 6, 2014 Technical Decisions and Plans  One comment

Only 2,073 residents! Good thing there are 700,000 visitors a year to the area!

Only 2,073 residents! Good thing there are 700,000 visitors a year to the area!

We went to Eureka Springs to try to get all the utilities planned and finalize the yurt build site.  It was a very productive trip.  We spoke with Smiling Woods Yurts to confirm our order, went to the tax office in Berryville to get an offical address and stopped by the electric company to get the specs for installing our underground electrical lines. Blake walked in both places and didn’t have to wait in line. In fact he ended up helping the tax office with their computers and then the tax accessor solicited him for a contract.  He said he wasn’t living there yet and she said to contact her when we relocate.

Before we made it back to our property we got a call from the Inspiration Point fire department say...

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We opted for a Commercial well, so full steam ahead.

October 11, 2013 BlogTechnical Decisions and Plans  No comments

After much debate, over whether to put in a well for each cabin or put in one well and water treatment equipment that will handle all the cabins, we finally decided to go for the gusto.  So now we have to either add 4 to 6 cabins or we will be the water company for our friends and family who buy a lot on our 30 acres!  Below are images of the well being drilled on October 10, 2013.

We hit water and have great water pressure.

See the water coming out the pipe by his feet.

It doesn’t look like much, but this is our drilled and capped well pipe.
Now we have to build a well house and get all the equipment installed.
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Our own personal water treatment plant

June 13, 2012 Technical Decisions and Plans  No comments

Our vision for our Eureka Yurts property has always been to keep it small. We’re thinking a total of six to 10 yurts will give visitors a feeling of being immersed in nature and allow us to run it ourselves, with limited staff. On the surface, doesn’t this sound like a reasonable dream? A manageable undertaking? We thought so, too, but now we’ve run into a roadblock: the well.

We knew we’d have to drill a well. What we didn’t know was that it would have to be asemi-public water system. It is our understanding that if more than 25 people will be using it, you must have this level of a system. We’re talking three, 1000-gallon holding tanks plus a well-house! Call us crazy but it was never our dream to develop our own personal water treatment plant.

We’re still learning and trying...

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